Bangladesh : Media

With the restoration of democratic order, press in Bangladesh enjoys complete freedom today. During 1997-98. there were more than one thousand newspapers and periodicals including 286 dailies in the country, which is much higher than the corresponding figures of 1990. Total circulation of newspapers and periodicals exceeds 2 million. Both Bangla and English language dailies and periodicals are read widely.

Foreign and local news agencies inc1uding state-owned Bangladesh Sanghad Sangstha are operating in Bangladesh.

Government Departments such as Press Information Department. Department of Films and Publications. Department of Mass Communication. Bangladesh Films Archive. Film Censor Board, Press Council, Press Institute, Film Development Corporation and National Institute of Mass Communication are organs of the Ministry of Information which deal with various media-related activities of the government.

The External Publicity Wing under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs looks after the overseas publicity functions of the Government through Bangladesh Missions abroad.

In line with the Privatization Policy, the government has closed down state-owned newspapers in 1997.

State-owned Bangladesh Betar (Radio) has a countrywide network with 10 regional stations. Betar's external service is beamed towards Europe. Middle East, Pakistan, India and Nepal in 7 languages.

Bangladesh Television (BTV) has undergone rapid expansion since its inception in 1964. It has two stations at Dhaka and Chattogram and 11 relay stations throughout the country. BTV has already commissioned a second channel for private sector operators. As per the govt. policy of free flow of information, free use of dish antenna is allowed for receiving foreign television programs via satellite.

The public sector media organizations have taken resolute measures to rectify the distortions which have crept into the national history between 1975 -l996.

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